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How to make Easter Chocolate a little more healthy!

Easter is a great excuse to eat chocolate and my kids ate it like there's no tomorrow when they were young, but now I've worked out how to use the chocolate to deliver more nutrients and slighlty less sugar and fat so that my teenagers are taking in more nutrients than they bargained for!

It's very simple, before you give them the chocolate - melt it down and add something good to it then reset it. You can use molds to make fun shapes or just make it into a bar and package it nicely.

In this picture you can see the Easter bunnies and chicks that I 'remade'. You can also add these to an empty chocaolte egg.

How to do it:

Choose your healthy ingredients:

Chopped gojiberries - High in antioxidants that protect immune system and eye health.

or Organic Raisins

Saffron - Easter flavour - for white chocolate

Cardamom - for milk/dark chocolate

Finely grated orange peel - for milk/dark

Sesame seeds or crushed sunflower seeds - for milk/dark chocolate

Puffed Quinoa (from healthstores or can puff your own just like pop-corn in a lighlty oiled medium hot pan) for white and darker chocolate


I have used 1 x Green&Blacks White Chocolate bar, 1 x Green&Blacks Milk Chocolate bar and 1 x Green&Blacks Dark chocolate bar.

Place the white chocolate broken up in a small bowl and place the milk and dark chocolate together in a larger bowel and place both bowls in a very low oven or around 90 degrees until chocolate has melted, stiring occaisionally. Keep the bowls warm so chocolate doesn't start to set.

White chocolates

Add large pinch of saffron to the melted white chocolate, add the puffed quinoa, chop the gojiberries and add to the mixture. Place the mixture into the molds, put in freezer for 5 mins to set quickly but don't forget as it will ruin the chocolate! Turn out the chocolates.


Add cardamom, chopped gojis, seeds, grated orange peel and puffed quinoa to the melted dark and milk chocolate, add to the molds, place in freezer for 5 mins to set quickly and turn them out.

Perfet for little chocolate gifts.

Added health benefits

First of all, these chocolates still have a lot of sugar and fats so eat in moderation.


Rich source of Vitamin A – supports immune function and eye health

Good source of Vitamin C – antiviral, antiaging and stress support and all aspects of health

Contains calcium, Iron and natural sodium.

Contain protein and fibre


A powerful antioxidant and is known to support mood.

It is being studied due to its ability to support brain health

Disease protective


Antibacterial and contains antioxidants


Rich source of trace minerals including copper, selenium, manganese, magnesium, iron and zinc.

Very good source of calcium

Help to lower cholesterol dur to phytosterols

Sesame oil protects cardiovascular health

Orange peel

High in antioxidants that protect against disease

Antiviral and supports immune system

Contains Vitamin C

Puffed quinoa

Quinoa is a seed not a grain, this means it’s good for those people who are sensitive to grains.

High in complete protein

High in minerals and B Vitamins Contains fibre

Easy to cook and very versatile

Puffed quinoa is easy to use in baking

Enjoy - Happy Easter


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