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Nutrition Talks

Designed to give your employees tools for better health

My nutrition talks are designed to inspire people.
They are engaging, informative and to provide nutritional tools and
knowledge to make educated changes to diet and lifestyle with the aim of improving
health, energy and performance at work and in daily life. The theme of the talks or workshops
can be general or specific to a certain topics like how to manage stress and fatigue through

Nutritional Therapy. Attendees will leave armed with vital knowledge of how to improve

their health along with knowledge on the right quality and use of supporting supplements.

Participants receive handouts covering all the information from the talks.

Well-Being through Optimal Nutrition

  • Better general health

  • Better resistance to disease

  • Better cardiovascular health

  • Weight loss

  • Reducing diabetes risk

  • Reduced eects of stress

Benets to your business


  • Reduced time off and poor performance due to illness.

  • A more energetic workforce

  • Improved physical and mental performance

  • Improved concentration and attention to detail

  • Happier and healthier employees

“We work with Sam regularly to provide engaging, informative
and fun nutrition workshops with our corporate clients. We find her
professional, experienced and knowledgeable in the field of nutrition
and she is a fantastic naturopath to work with. We would wholeheartedly
recommend her and her services to anyone”.

Kelly Skipper, Director at Glo Pamper

“Everyone took something slightly different from the talk -
little tweaks to their daily lives that could improve their general
health and well-being and everyone said they would love her to come
back to discuss other topics”.

Debra Blenkisop, Director at Zeppertron TV Production

"We invited Sam in as part of a health and wellbeing week we were running
at WorldFirst,and her session was really popular. Sam’s talk was packed full of

healthy eating and wellbeing tips,and our employees were able to take away

some practical small changes which will make a big difference.
It was a great opportunity to start the conversation linking diet to
both physical and mental health."

Emma Heath, People Partner at World First Bank

POW workshop 1.jpg

BT Auditorium - audience and live streamed

College of Naturopathic Medicine - lecture

POW Foods lunch - workshop

BT talk pic2.png

On-Site Nutritional Therapy Consultations

Whilst a health and well being talk is very informative and helpful to those seeking to make changes to their diet and lifestyle, a more personal approach for those that feel they need
to go a bit deeper into their
digestive health and personal nutrition for better well-being,
one to one consultations are the answer.


A personal nutrition plan looks at the individual’s nutritional history and present health
with an aim to guide them to better health with nutritional protocols that are tailored
to them both physically and practically.


Nutrient deficiencies, toxic overload and food sensitivities can have a detrimental effect on everyday health and in many cases worsen the symptoms of on going health issues, which in turn has an affect on an employee’s performance and attendance.

A Well Being day can include a talk and an on-site clinic

30 minute consult with Nutritional Therapist                               6 - 8 Employees

60 minute consult with Nutritional Therapist                               5 Employees

Whole clinic day with flexible consultation times


Nutrition Talks 45-90 minutes                                                 £175 - £250

On-site Clinic days

30 minute consult with Nutritional Therapist                              £50

60 minute consult with Nutritional Therapist                              £95

Whole clinic day with flexible consultation times +Nutrition Talk   £600

Great Nutrition is the foundation for

Resilience & Optimim performance

 at work, at home and for life

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