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Wilson Vale - Corporate caterers


A large but progressive Catering company that work with schools, corporates, conference centres, hotels and staff restaurants.
I have worked with them to create ideas not only for the chefs, but how they can present their menus differently to include
more healthy and delicious vegetarian, vegan, gluten and dairy free dishes, along with ideas on how to educate
to become more healthy.


I have worked with them to explore how they can integrate health and well-being by offering wellness talks,
onsite clinics and how to weave healthier dietary choices into conferences.


Wilson Vale have a strong sense of corporate responsibility and think progressively about the future of
food particularly in schools which is why I like to work with them.


Even before Covid, people were becoming more and more aware of how their diet and lifestyle could be
affecting their health. Companies for that last few years have started to realise the benefits of healthier eating
habits and encouraging their employees, in fact, supporting their employees to become more healthy.

I work to advise and support a company’s goals to make their foods more healthy. I do this by reviewing their menus that have been created by chefs. I will go through the content and adjust it and make suggestions not only to make it healthier but in some case even tastier. I introduce novel foods that they may have not used before, or suggest ways to work with foods. I can also attend brainstorming sessions to help inspire and create some great ideas.


POW Foods (Power of Wellness) Premium Wellness Catering

A very forward thinking and creative natural food and catering company.
I am currently working with POW Foods as their Nutritional adviser

Together with POW chefs we have developed nutritionally designed wellness menus for companies looking to
increase optimum health and resilience amongst their staff and treat their visiting clients to
healthy breakfasts, corporate lunches and snacks. I decided to work with them as I like their approach to
healthy eating, they make it accessible by being delicious, and easy but more importantly it's
healthy and nutrient dense. They consider how much and what type of healthy fats they use
and fresh flavours so they can keep sodium content low.
Their attention to detail with the ingredients balanced with what's practical is
what makes them unique. POW create amazing healthy spreads for meetings and events.

During the COVID-19 isolation period, POW decided to create a home delivery service.

I worked with them to help boost the immune supportive properties of their menu.

Health supportive soups and salads with phytonutrient rich main dishes and ideas for add
ons that increase nutrients in all their dishes.

The frozen ranges been designed with optimal nutrition and flavour in mind, but they are

fantastically convenient as any meal. I keep my fridge stocked with them for when 

I am short on time. 





I highly recommend you trying POW foods if you want to boost your nutritional health without
doing all the work -






Working with companies to make their food services and
products healthier
inspiring change and sustainability.

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Resilience & Optimum Perfprmance at work, at home and for life.

Great Nutrition is the foundation for

Examples of other:

World First Bank – Wellness talks and onsite clinics

British Telecom (BT/EE) – Wellness talks (various), ideas for staff well being

Major Players Recruitment – Wellness talks

360 PR/Marketing – Wellness talk

Zeppertron TV – Wellness talks

Exposure Marketing – Wellness talks, webinars and employee nutrition clinics

Glo – Health and Wellness booking agency – Seminars and Webinars for various companies

High Road House (Soho House group) Wellness talk and lunch menu

CNM (College of Naturaopathic Medicine) – Open day lectures

Schools (various) – Assemblies and Reading groups

Eve Lom | Space NK – Wellness talks for product ambassadors for education on skin nutrition (various)

Tres Chelsea wellness clinic – Wellness talks

Retreats - Urban Yoga and Nutrition day retreats London

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