Prior to a consultation you will be asked to fill out some detailed forms about your health and well-being, along with a food diary.

During a consultation you will be questioned in greater detail, organise laboratory tests (if required) and like a detective will piece together the clues as to what the root cause of your present health concern actually is. It could be something in your past that triggered a digestive health issue that can be the cause of systemic inflammation which can lead to joint problems, cardiovascular issues, autoimmune conditions and much more.

Packages are available.

All consultations are online at this time, once booking you will be sent a link via Zoom,
with a reminder 24 hours prior to your consultation.

1 Hour Consultation

This is great for those that want to make lasting dietary changes to create better health and well being and can
also focus on targeting any health concerns through nutritional therapy.

- A personal nutrition plan

- Nutrition guides

- Email support

- Advice on Nutritional tests, Gut health and food sensitivities

- 20% discount card for Revital Health Stores


2 Hour Consultation

A more detailed medical and nutritional history is taken – many clues about the state of the person’s nutritional health are gathered at this point.
It is especially good for those who have real health concerns, or existing conditions as the client is given time to talk about their health in detail.

- A personal nutrition plan

- Nutrition guides

- Email support

- Advice on Nutritional tests, Gut health and food sensitivities

- 20% discount card for Revital Health Stores

30 Minute Consultation 

For those who want some quick advice on good nutrition or supplements they should be avoiding or taking to support their well-being.
(Not for those who have true health concerns)

28 Day Gentle Detoxification Program

There is no feeling like the feeling you have after a good dietary cleanse.
This guide removes food sbut adds foods that help rebuild gut health,
you'll feel lighter, clearer headed and more energetic.
This will change the way you look at food.

A guided detoxification, takes the person’s state of health and well being into
consideration, which will decide what kind of plan will work best for them.

Includes 28 day Detoxification plan with recipes and meal planning

Liver detox program

Deeply cleansing 3 day program that will change the way you feel phyiscally and mentally.

Please contact me for details. This is done via a downloadable guide.


The kind of tests that are relevant to Nutrional Health can be varied. Mostly taking a careful case study can ascertain what the issue may be and then a structured nutritional plan is presented. In most cases the dietary and lifestyle changes that are recommended can make a huge difference. This can simply be because the toxic laod and strain on the system is removed. However there are times when a test will tell us so much and enable both therapist and client to see a clearer route to improving wellbeing.

A digestive stool anaylisis for example, can give you a window into what's happening in the gut and your digestive capacity. It will not only measure the various strains of bacteria, potential harmful microbes and toxicity, but also pancreatic out put, fat and protein digestion, healthy metabolic by product and inflammtion and immune activity in the gut - all of which can effect digestion and impact on health.

A nutritional evaluation is brilliant for measuring nutrition deficiences which can have a profound effect on health.

Some people cannot absorb enough nutrients from their diet and can really suffer the consequence in fatigue, infertility and other chronic diseases. 


A comprehensive food sensitvity test can reveal surprising results of foods that you would never have known exerting an effect on well-being.

Nutritional Therapy is an assessment of your

Nutritional Status

and how your diet could be affecting your health now and in the future

Please be aware: The information and advice provided in this website is not a substitute for medical advice. If you are concerned about your health or have any symptoms you should see your GP/healthcare provider.

For more information or to book your personal Nutritional Therapy Consultation by contacting or call 07780 600 966

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