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Meet Connie Carrot and her friends, designed to help you teach children about healthy eating. Contains a relatable children's story, nutritional info, recipes, grow your own and foods facts

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Created and written by Sam Bourne


Plant the Seeds of Health with healthy eating StoryBooks


For Schools & Teachers


Benjamin Broccoli


Connie Carrot High Res ISBN 978095761540

Connie Carrot


Sammy Spinach Hi Res ISBN 9780957615465.

Sammy Spinach


Billy Blueberry Hi Res ISBN 978099286246

Billy Blueberry


Penelope Pea Front cover 150mm.jpg

Penelope Pea


Ava Avocado Front Hi Res ISBN 9780992862

Ava Avocado


Teaching tools available for to go with the Books

Also available from all online bookstores like Waterstones and Amazon

Plant the seeds of Health

And watch them grow

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