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Food and nutrients influence all functions in the body. Your diet can protect your health or damage it.
The way you eat can determine how you respond to disease, injury, stress and aging.
Dietary chemicals act on DNA and can alter gene expression causing disease depending
on individual makeup.

Nutrient deficiencies can occur even in a diet where abundant food is available, depending on quality
of food, state of digestion.
Understanding your body’s nutritional needs will enable you to protect your health

now and in the future. If you have a family history of any kind of degenerative condition like arthritis,
cardiovascular disease or cancer – now is the time to use nutrition as a preventative measure.


I consider each person individual, my assessment very detailed and can be with use of labaoratory testing.
I have gained much experience and knowledge over the 15 years of studying and practicing and
30 years of
looking after my own health nutritionally. I can help you release your health potential.

Nutritional therapy can help with many health conditions including:



Nutritional Therapy is the application of nutritional science and knowledge of an individual to promote health, performance and well-being.





Nutritional Therapists

" Uniquely trained to understand
how nutrients and other food
components influence the function
of the body, protect against disease,
restore helath, and determined
people's response to changes in
  the environment.

BANT definition

Weight management

Hormonal Health

Fertility Pregnancy


Reproductive health


Training nutrition

Cardiovascular support

High cholesterol

Immune support

Microbiome health

Skin health

Mental health and depression

Mental clarity and focus


....and so much more.

Digestive disorders

Food sensitivities


Reducing inflammation


Joint health




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Nutritional Therapy is an assessment of your

Nutritional Status

and how your diet could be affecting your health now and in the future

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