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Yoga Classes - Suspended for now. Will be back up and running
as soon as possible.

Like all Yoga teachers, being in lockdown has made it necessary to teach online if we want to keep our classes going and help our students stay fit and sane. I have discovered much to my surprise that I really enjoy teaching the class like this and being able to invite anyone to join no matter how far away they are, unlike my physical classes. Each of my online classes follow a similar sequence so the more you
do the easier they are to follow. Once this extraordinary time is over, I plan to keep my
online classes as well as physical ones, as I want to keep my Yoga classes more accessible.


I am also amazed at how I have managed to master the technology that goes with teaching online,with a special lense and microphone to clearly stream into your home,it makes the class easy to follow and clear.

Private classes are available please enquire for details.

Thank goodness for Zoom! 

Click here to take you to the onine booking.

I have practiced Yoga for many years, and taught it for 10 years.

It is the perfect physical exercise as you can use it as a tool to get fit, to become flexible and to support
well-being as well as the perfect antidote to stressful lifestyles and a mini escape from the everyday life. 
Yoga is a gift of life, once learned it is a complete exercise and retreat system to carry around and practice
anywhere at anytime. I cannot recommend taking up Yoga highly enough for men and women.
When you first start practicing Yoga as a beginner, you may feel unco-ordinated, inflexible and
muscle weakness. But as you become more familiar with the postures and sequence, you’ll gain in
confidence and strength. You will feel relaxed and have an amazing energy throughout the body.
It is truly like no other form of exercise and it can have a profound effect on how you look and feel physically,
espcially as you get older.
Improved posture protects agianst back problems later in life, but can also help with
long term back pain. It creates arm and wrist strength, and the weight bearing aspsect keeps bones strong,
particularly in women. Men benefit hugely from increased flexibility that will help with other sports.

The very nature of the moves, balance, postures and twists supports organs and aids detoxification and circualation.
The deep flowing breath with movement increases oxygen and energy levels, all arriving at a sense a peace and calm
enabling one to cope with the daily pressures of life.

PrivateYoga Classes - One to One

75 minute class that is dedicated to your practice.
Whether you are a beginner or you would likecheck that you are
practicing correctly, this is
the perfect way to ease yourself into
taking up regular practice within a class.

Cost: £60 per class


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