Yoga Classes

I have practiced Yoga for many years, and taught it for 8 years.
It is the perfect physical exercise as you can use it as a tool to get fit, to become flexible and to support
as well as the perfect antidote to stressful lifestyles and a mini escape from the everyday life. 
I teach Vinyasa Flow Yoga, which is based on a sequence of sun salutation, warrior postures, balances
and mat work.This form of Yoga is dynamic and is focused on movement and breath. It builds strong

muscular structure and confidencein your own body. During my class, I will use gentle guiding to
keep your posture correct and protected from injury.
At the end of all my classes there is a moment of peace through guided relaxation while you sink
intoyour mat,then float home. This type of Yoga can have a profound effect on health and
everyday life.Everybody will be atdifferent levels some have morestamina, while others are more
'bendy', workingat your own pace is vital and more enjoyable, but at the same time youare
encouraged to movebeyond your comfort zone.

Yoga is a gift of life, once learned it is a complete exercise and retreat system to carry around and
practice anywhere at anytime. I cannot recommend taking up Yoga highly enough. 
It is a good idea to try out different classes to see what would suit you as there are many different
styles and each teacher has their own style.
I teach Vinyasa Flow – this the dynamic form that increases fitness and moves through the
Asanas (postures) quickly and smoothly linking breath and movement.

When you first start practicing Yoga as a beginner, you may feel unco-ordinated, inflexible and
muscle weakness. But as you become more familiar with the postures and sequence, you’ll gain in
confidence and strength. You will feel relaexed and an amazing energy throughout the body.
It is truly like no other form of exercise.

PrivateYoga Classes - One to One

75 minute class that is dedicated to your practice.
Whether you are a beginner or you would likecheck that you are
practicing correctly, this is
the perfect way to ease yourself into
taking up regular practice within a class.

Cost: £60 per class


Strengthening, relaxing, lengthening, energising, inspiring

Vinyasa Flow

Linking breath with movement


London, UK

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