What is a Vinyasa Flow class like?
I think it's like no other class - it flows from one posture and breath to another, it takes a while to get used to the sequence and to co-ordinate your body - but it will become familiar, and when it does.......

Listen below to description of class.

After greeting the class attendees, I indicate that the class has started, peace and calm descend. Some students are still new to the rhythm of Vinyasa flow, but for those who are now familiar with it know that each class is a personal journey. Some days it feels almost effortless and other days like an uphill journey, even for the teachers. For those that are new to the flow, bear with it, it’s going to become part of you. You’ll feel it in your everyday life, the way you breathe and move, it’s not just your posture that will change, it’s you.

The feel of bare feet on the mat, like stepping onto soft white sand there is an immediate connection, a feeling of being grounded. You feel the flow of energy into and out of your Hands and feet as you move through what will become a familiar sequence, all connected with breath and movement, the Asanas linked with Vinyasa.

Inhale, exhale – these words weave their way in and out of the flow, creating a dance like feeling that becomes meditative and hypnotic to some.

Open the chest, lift the heart, exhale forward, lengthen the spine - words so familiar
the body moves automatically while the brain enjoys the freedom to just be.


Moving through the postures building heat and strength, tension relaxes and muscles loosen. You experience the mind body connection as you ‘see’ your muscles, joints and tissues in your mind and ‘feel’ the breath flowing through your whole body,you become almost trance like, listening to the gently spoken directions and verbal adjustments.

The postures combined with the Yoga breath and deep lengthening of muscles and opening up of joints, creates an energy that circulates the body making you feel more alive, revitalised and relaxed in a way that no other form of exercise can do.

As you lay in Srivasana and sink into the mat, a feeling of such utter relaxation and appreciation of what your body has just done will wash over you.