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What students say

"Sam’s class is the best yoga class I've experienced and I've been doing yoga for 10 years with numerous teachers. She is exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced, & always accommodating and encouraging to both beginners and advanced. Her classes are the perfect mix of energetic and strength building movements, stretches and relaxation. You leave the classes feeling like you’ve had a great workout, (although she encourages people to rest if needed) but also amazingly relaxed and restored. They give you an invigorating energy and when I miss just one class, I really notice the difference both physically and for my mental health! Attending Sam’s classes regularly, I have been amazed at the improvements to my posture, flexibility, strength, tone and mental wellbeing. My partner also started her classes and he is a beginner who mainly plays football for exercise, and he is finding them incredible. She is a brilliant, kind and inspiring teacher and I would highly recommend her classes!

Summer Rosenbroek

"If you're familiar with Sam's in-studio classes - or even if you're not - the online Zoom version is every
bit as good. Over the course of 75 minutes Sam guides our physical yoga practice with care and precision
ensuring we yogis maximise our potential to build strength, flexibility and poise. The challenge of linking
the breath to the postures is gently reinforced throughout, leaving us feeling energised yet relaxed.
I've been coming to class
since 2016 and have noticed enormous changes in my stamina, strength
and general well-being. Highly recommended.

Sam S

"I regularly attend Sam’s class and love everything about it
The setting is beautiful - in a cabin in her stunning garden - which is relaxing in itself.
And her expertise and knowledge is incredible. Her voice is so soothing and her yoga is dynamic,

energising yet restoring and soothing at the same time.
A few days after her class I can still feel the benefits - I feel more toned, stretched and relaxed.

Debra Blenkisop

"For me, Sam Bourne’s classes really reignited my love for exercise and the feeling of movement. I enjoy it because it challenges me, while pushing me to use muscles that I don’t normally use and also release tension in my body, which I have found hugely beneficial to starting my days. Since I have attended, I’ve now got into a routine of waking up and doing yoga most mornings, because her method of teaching puts me into a place where my mind can be clear for the rest of my day. I’ve felt myself growing stronger, and flowing through the movements more as time progresses. There’s a great sense of community in her classes too, and it’s lovely to see familiar faces there on Saturdays. I couldn’t reccomend this class more - it’s brilliant in its own right, and has been a fantastic gateway into many different styles of yoga for me, which I never would have experienced without it."

Sky Yang

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I have been taking vinyas flow yoga classes with Sam Bourne for around three years and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Sam is a superb teacher and excellent practitioner of the technique. Her attention to detail ensures that every class member receives instruction tailored to their particular needs, strengths and weaknesses. Sam's passion for yoga is infectious and she is hugely knowledgeable and experienced which comes through to all those who work with her.

Myra W

"I regularly attend Sam’s class and love everything about it
The setting is beautiful - in a cabin in her stunning garden - which is relaxing in itself.
And her expertise and knowledge is incredible. Her voice is so soothing and her yoga is dynamic,

energising yet restoring and soothing at the same time.
A few days after her class I can still feel the benefits - I feel more toned, stretched and relaxed.

Alex King

"This class is stretch-y in all senses yet suitable for all abilities as long as you have some fitness. Pretty much a yoga novice a year ago, I've gained in confidence and ability thanks to Sam's encouragement and skill. The difference in stiffness is remarkable. Recommended for anyone wishing to develop their practice in a calm and nurturing environment.

"This class is the perfect antidote to a busy week. It's invigorating, relaxing and always makes me feel that the weekend has started in a balanced and healthy way. Sam is a very calming presence and takes all levels of ability into consideration. I've also really noticed a difference in my strength and body tone since starting yoga a few months ago, so it definitely gets results!"

Anna Marriot

"I've been attending Sam's yoga class for 4 years and I love it. It keeps me really flexible, and keeps my back problems at bay. Sam makes sure that we safely and continuously push ourselves to try new things but as appropriate to our individual abilities. If we have a particular issue in a week she will make sure she accommodates that in her teaching and makes sure we don't exacerbate any injuries. I also find her wider knowledge about nutrition really helpful as she is always willing to offer advice if she thinks it will be helpful.'
Nick Barbar

"I started taking Sam's classes 2 years ago, it was my first experience of Yoga and i was slightly nervous. Sam immediately put me at ease and i have not looked back since. I definitely feel stronger and more flexible since i started and i look forward to her weekly classes. Sam is an excellent teacher who not only makes you feel at ease learning yoga but also takes a genuine interest in her students and ensures that each person's individual needs are catered for during the class. I enjoy the relaxation at the end, her soothing voice very much calms the body and mind after the dynamic class. I thoroughly recommend Sam's classes."

Jane Bromely

"After months of trialling yoga classes all over South London, I have finally found my class. Sam's classes offer a perfect balance between effort, concentration and relaxation (as yoga should do). Her instructions are detailed yet easy to understand and put into practice, instructions that stick to your mind and your muscles and follow you home to your own practice. Additionally, Sam's deep knowledge of anatomy and physiology mean that you will only be taught to what is good for you, going as far as you can/wish without compromising safety. And you might even take away some useful advice on how to lead a healthy lifestyle beyond your yoga practice! Thank you Sam for every class'

"I have been going to Sam's yoga classes for over a year now and have definitely noticed how my stronger, flexible and fitter I am. Sam's friendly classes suit all levels and with her knowledge and attention to detail means that any incorrect postures are adjusted . Being a Nutritionist too Sam always makes time to talk about any nutritional questions we have. I would thoroughly recommend Sam's classes."

Kylie Bunting

"I've been attending Sam's classes for 18 months and since then my technique, coordination and confidence have noticeably improved. Yoga is so much more than a physical practice, although that's a huge part of it. Once I overcame "the hump" - thinking I'd never get it - I found I craved the discipline and endorphin-rush regular exercise brings. Yoga helps me to focus and gives me the space to breathe, literally and figuratively, and to declutter mentally. As a friend once said, "It's hard to let thoughts intrude when you're trying to balance on one leg with your arms outstretched!" As a stress-busting energy boost, it's invaluable. Sam's friendly, dynamic classes are suitable for beginners, as well as more seasoned yogis looking to be put through their paces. Her ability to read where her students are at ensures she pushes just enough to inspire progress and results. If the prospect of an exercise class is a hugely daunting prospect, I recommend you try a session with Sam.
Sam Szczepanski


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