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Great Nutrition is the foundation for

Resilience & Optimum Performance

Performance at work, at home and for life

Nutritional Health Talks & Work Shops Topics

Nutrition Workshops | Talks | On-site Nutritional Therapy Consultations
Canteen review | Lunch planning

The following health topics can be 45-60 minute lunch time talks -
or 2 hour morning / evening works hops that can be interactive with
food demonstartions and Q & A’s
The subject can be general or tailered to a

particular aspect of health and nutrition. Popular themes:

Vitality Makeover

Valuable nutritional and dietary advice to make simple but profound improvements to overall health and renew energy and vitality.
Understanding how nutrition affects well-being is the first step to improving health and reducing symptoms of fatigue and illness.
Covers potential nutritional defiencies and how to address them as well as how to use nutritional testing.

Stop the Burnout - Managing Stress with Nutritional Therapy

Stress is detrimental to health as it draws on all nutrient reserves, but targeted nutrition can alleviate symptoms and support well-being

to reduce the eects of stress. Learn what foods and supplements can help through times of stress and to create resilience

Boost Immune Health - Reduce sickness & prevent disease

How to protect and boost your immune system, reducing instances of colds, flu and other viral and bacterial infections.
Looking after your immune health also protects from disease, autoimmune conditions, joint health and heart disease.
Prevention is the best cure..

Gut & Digestive Health - Reset your Microbiome

Understanding digestion and how to support your microbiome could be one of the most important things you do for your health. There is an intelligence in the gut in the form of benecial microbes and these have a huge job to do in immunity, how to respond to foods and
toxins, production of vital nutrients and important biofeedback that controls appetite, health of gut lining and metabolism.

Joint Health - Reducing pain and inammation through diet

Diet has an important role in joint health and inammation especially the Western diet as many of the foods we eat cause
an acidic environment in the body. Improving digestive health through dietary changes and targeted
nutritional therapy can reduce pain and support joint healing.

Food & Mood - Feel good foods


How to balance blood sugar and support energy & vitality. Food has a huge inuence over mental well-being and
physical energy. Food and substances consumed can be stimulating and /or depressing once the blood sugar hits a low

due to an insulin crisis. Understand how to use foods and supplements to support mood and well-being.

Boost your Brain Power

Dietary & lifestyle habits can have a profound effect on concentration, focus and mental clarity. Learn which foods support brain health

and increase oxyge now as well as support brain function and structure. The brain has it’s own microbiome; supporting gut
health has a positive eect on the health of the brain. The ‘Gut-Brain’ Axis is now an accepted medical fact.

Heart Health

A healthy diet and good nutrition is by far one of the best ways alongside exercise to protect cardiovascular health.
A low inammation dietkeeps blood vessels and blood healthy. Learn which foods and supplements should be included to
keep your heart in top condition and steer you away from harmful medications later in life.

Detox - Supporting the pathways of detoxication


Detoxification is something that needs to be done continuously in the body, supported with the correct nutrients.
However a good dietary clear out and use of correct foods to cleanse the digestive and detoxification
organs is recommendedat least once a year.

Food Sensitivities - discover your Kryptonite

Being sensitive to certain foods can be debilitating and miserable, especially as many everyday foods
tend to be the culprits. Find out how to link your symptoms to foods in your diet.
Sensitivity to foods can cause: Fatigue, brain fog, headaches and migraine, depression and sluggishness.

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