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Billy discovers the facts about blueberries and how they are full of Vitamins and nutrients that help protect him against catching colds. Includes recipes, nutritional facts and more.


Dimensions 140mm x 140mm

Billy Blueberry

  • Sandra, Bristol

    "These books are so comprehensive, I have not seen anything like them before, they have a great story which appeals to children, facts about the fruit/veg (so that I really sound informed when I speak to my grandsons!), how to grow your own and brilliant recipes. Highly recommended! I bought them all for my daughter to read to her children.

    Jane Strong, Mum of three, London

    My 4 year old son loves these books! The story of Sammy Spinach really appealed to him, as he wants to be "strong like daddy". After reading he actually ate raw spinach leaves which is completely unheard of, he then had to pick up everything in the room to prove how strong it made him! I can now add handfuls of chopped spinach to lots of different dishes without it being picked out! Thanks Sammy Spinach!





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