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Book Reviews

"As a mother of 3 children with very different food tastes these wonderful books have changed my kids way of looking at vegetables! Meal times are now fun and they are willing to try all the foods that the characters are eating! We love these books!!! ”
Tina Hobley, Mum of two girls and one boy (Actress)

"As a father of two lovely girls (1 & 3 years old) it means that their eating habits are very different. The youngest one will eat everything that is put in front of her whilst the elder one is now becoming a little tricky. So for the eldest the books have given vegetables a whole new meaning as she can now see why eating vegetables is important and it how can be fun learning about them and why they will make her healthy & strong. Plus there is important nutritional information for parents, to back up their own knowledge.
Tom Aikens, Dad of two girls (Celebrity Chef)

"The NutriKids books are highly educational but fun at the same time, using characters that young children will love, as well as lots of relevant information for parents on nutrition."

Elizabeth Powell, Mum of two and Grandmother of two, Child and Educational Psychologist

"I was quite amazed at how quickly these Nutrikids books were effective. My 5 year old son was very taken with Billy Blueberry (he loves swimming!) Before we read this book he would not touch blueberries immediately after he asked me to buy some and ate the lot! He's even told his teachers and classmates how they help protect you from getting poorly!"
Claire Gibson, Mum of two boys, Bristol


“We are big eaters of fresh fruit and vegetables in our house, so my children loved us reading them the stories of Billy Blueberry, Connie Carrot and all their fruit and vegetable friends. They particularly enjoyed finding out about where the fruit and veg came from, and we have tried out a couple of the recipes too.  Avocado Soup is delish!!”
Heather Ogie, Mum of twins aged 4

"These books are so comprehensive, I have not seen anything like them before, they have a great story which appeals to children, facts about the fruit/veg (so that I really sound informed when I speak to my grandsons!), how to grow your own and brilliant recipes. Highly recommended! I bought them all for my daughter to read to her children.

Sandra Conway, Grandmother of eight, Bristol

My 4 year old son loves these books! The story of Sammy Spinach really appealed to him, as he wants to be "strong like daddy". After reading he actually ate raw spinach leaves which is completely unheard of, he then had to pick up everything in the room to prove how strong it made him! I can now add handfuls of chopped spinach to lots of different dishes without it being picked out! Thanks Sammy Spinach!

Jane Strong, Mum of three, London


"Nutrikids books are a brilliant source for any parent worried that their children aren't eating enough healthy foods. They cover everything you can think of from history, health benefits, recipes, to growing your own! The books are bright and appealing to children and the characters are so lovely. I would recommend them to anyone with young children."
Rania Robinson, Mum of Two, London

"My daughter literally loves them. Hasn’t put them down all weekend. She can’t read yet but likes looking through them and we read them to her before bed."
Neil Brown, Dad of one, London


'Both my children Daisy 7 and Howie 5 really enjoy reading and looking at the books and we now have them both eating Avocados! which were previously off the menu. Daisy actually read the whole set of them to Howie, it was brilliant to watch our 7 year old teach our 5 year old about healthy foods and these books allow them to to this and get really involved'.
Seb Bench, Dad of one girl and one boy, London


"We were thrilled to receive the Nutrikids books and share them with the class. To be honest, the books were so lovely and relevant to the FS topic that all 3 classes were keen to use them. We shared them out and used them as a class and also let children explore them independently during play.

We used the books to discuss healthy eating, where the healthy food

comes from etc. We also put a set in the book corner for children to look through.

They are really lovely books which are easy for the children to understand

and we are also using them in our current topic which is

'Down on the Farm'."

Mrs. Athanasiou and Mrs Jochacy (Dove Class)
Russell lower School, Bedford

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