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Penelope discovers the facts about peas and how they can help support her energy and keep her healthy. Includes recipes, nutritional facts and more.
Teach your child about healthy eating and why we say 'It's good for you'


Penelope Pea

  • Teacher testimonial

    "We were thrilled to receive the Nutrikids books and share them with the class. To be honest, the books were so lovely and relevant to the FS topic that all 3 classes were keen to use them. We shared them out and used them as a class and also let children explore them independently during play.
    We used the books to discuss healthy eating, where the healthy food comes from etc. We also put a set in the book corner for children to look through. They are really lovely books which are easy for the children to understand and we are also using them in our current topic which is 'Down on the Farm'. "


    Tina / London

    "As a mother of 3 children with very different food tastes these wonderful books have changed my kids way of looking at vegetables! Meal times are now fun and they are willing to try all the foods that the characters are eating! We love these books!!! ”

    Tom / Chef

    "As a father of two lovely girls (1 & 3 years old) it means that their eating habits are very different. The youngest one will eat everything that is put in front of her whilst the elder one is now becoming a little tricky. So for the eldest the books have given vegetables a whole new meaning as she can now see why eating vegetables is important and it how can be fun learning about them and why they will make her healthy & strong. Plus there is important nutritional information for parents, to back up their own knowledge.

    Elizabeth, Educational Psycologist

    "The NutriKids books are highly educational but fun at the same time, using characters that young children will love, as well as lots of relevant information for parents on nutrition."


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