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Connie discovers the facts about carrots and how they can help her see better in the dark as well as protect her eyesight, skin and immune system. Use Connie‘s story to encourage your children to love carrots too. Includes helpful nutritional information and serving ideas.


Dimensions 140mm x 140mm

Connie Carrot

  • Rania, London

    "Nutrikids books are a brilliant source for any parent worried that their children aren't eating enough healthy foods. They cover everything you can think of from history, health benefits, recipes, to growing your own! The books are bright and appealing to children and the characters are so lovely. I would recommend them to anyone with young children."

    Neil, London

    "My daughter literally loves them. Hasn’t put them down all weekend. She can’t read yet but likes looking through them and we read them to her before bed."

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