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Nutrition Packages

A package includes a set amount of Nutritional Therapy consultations, and this would always include an initial 2 hour consult.

This is great way to make sure you get all the support you need for the first 3-6 months of you starting a new dietary lifestyle.

The minimum course I would recommend is 4 Consults.

4 Consult package – £350  ( Saving £110 )
Includes: One x 2 hour consult + Three x 1 hour follow up consults

Personal Nutrition Plan

Email support
20% discount card for Revital Health stores

Nutrition guide and recipes

Online Nutritional Therapy Package via Skype – £130
Includes: 1 hour initial consult + 2 x 25 minute follow ups

For those who have less time for long consults but want to get some personal guidance without having to sieve through the enormous amount of information available in books and online. This can take place in your lunch hour, weekend or an evening

FoodSpa 28 Day Gentle Detox Diet – £125
Includes: 1 hour consultation, 28 day diet guide and access via email and phone guidance 25 min follow up
(Follow up can be done by phone or Skype)

A 28 Day Gentle Detox diet is a great way to change your FoodStyle for the better and will give you the confidence to
make different food choices that will lead you to more vitality, energy and wellbeing.


*Please note that the above consults do not include any lab tests, and that they should be used within 6 months unless it is a pregnancy package.

Preparing for Pregnancy

This is the perfect time to overall your diet and nutritional health. Pregnancy, childbirth,breast feeding and the early days of becoming a new mother take a huge toll on the body nutritionally. This can affect your recovery, your emotional well-being and your energy. 
Poor Nutritional status can also affect your ability to conceive and maintain a pregnancy, not just from deficiencies but poor diet, food sensitivities and the health of the gut microbiome causes systemic inflammation which can affect fertility and general health.
Getting all the right nutrients to replenish your reserves will also help if you experience morning sickness as this can put you off eating fresh vegetables and all the healthy foods that contain the minerals you need. 
Nutritional Status testing – This is not absolutely necessary as a good Nutritional Therpist can assess your diet and adjust it to make sure you are consuming all the right foods and removing anything that can be harmful. however we cannot know for definite what your underlying nutritional status is. For example many women can be severely deficient in folate. This can affect the very early stages of pregnancy and 400mcg that is the recommended dose may not cover a deficiency. However taking too much folic acid can have implications for health – so it can be very helpful to know your exact status as supplements can be tailored correctly.

Nutrition Consultation and detailed Nutritional Status Laboratory Test with follow up consultation – £550

  • 2 hour consultation which includes review of present health, diet and nutritional status.

  • Comprehensive detailed nutritional status lab test which will look in depth at which nutrients need boosting and what you can do (worth £335)

  • A hour follow up consultation 

  • Email support

  • a 20% discount card for Revital Health stores

  • Nutrition guide and recipes

A Nutritional Therapy consultation

Gives you tools for better health

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