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A nutritional consultation is really a Q&A session, giving you the chance to talk about your current diet, and any digestive and

general health concerns that you feel

could be linked to your diet.

Corporate Nutrition Services 

Talks can be specially designed for groups of 10-50 or more people within a company setting, but can also be at home or in schools for teachers or parent groups.

Yoga & Nutrition

Nutritional Therapy and Yoga - the perfect mix.

Private Yoga & Nutritional Therapy sessions


YogaFoodSpa Day Retreats


The perfect physical exercise to get fit, become flexible and to support well-being as well as the perfect antidote to stressful lifestyles and a mini escape from the everyday life. 

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School Visits

Nutrition education is

as important as learning to

Read & Write

Children's Nutrition

BOOK SHOP - Fun stories for children and nutrition knowledge for parents and teachers. A new way to get children to eat healthy foods. Created by Sam Bourne

Nutrition Blog

Follow my

Recipes, health articles, food facts, supplement guides and more

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