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"I turned to Sam when I was suffering from regular pain in my gut as well as considerable weight loss over a short period of time and receiving imprecise guidance and ineffective action from my GP. I was immediately scheduled for a personal session; in which I left with a diet plan that immediately stopped the pain and weight loss.


After receiving test results, the problem was pinpointed with more accuracy and I conducted a two week natural protocol to heal my gut. The results were fantastic and I have not felt any pain since. 


In addition to this, dietary changes made since my first meeting with Sam have had a noticeable effect on my levels of alertness and concentration during the day. I have been cured of the problem in my gut and I will be keeping the changes to my diet."


George Owens Nash – London

"I first met Sam in March 2017 as doctors hadn't been able to help my severe condition. For the last 10 years I have been suffering with HS (hidradenitis suppurativa) which is an auto-immune skin condition. My skin would flare up and boils-like bumps would appear. It is a very painful and debilitating illness. I'd gone to see a dermatologist, a gynaecologist (thinking it might be hormonal) and my GP numerous times. I was given a long course of antibiotics which worked at first but then stopped as if I became immune to them. Nothing else topical worked and my condition kept getting worse and worse. I was desperate to find a solution and I got in touch with Sam. 

She took so much time to delve into my medical history, my past and my diet. She asked loads of questions and listened to all my concerns and wishes. 

Her knowledge, advice and support helped me get better. So much better. Before I met her and changed the way I cook and eat food, I would get at least 3 or 4 boils a month which sometimes made it painful to even walk but now I have not had a flare up in 3 months. I am completely shocked by the change in my skin (I also had some acne on my face). My energy levels are through the roof, I am sleeping like a baby (bad sleep was also an issue for me), I am rested, happy and I have never felt healthier. 

I have recommended Sam to my friends and have shared what I learnt from her with them because I know this way of life would make someone else as happy as it made me. I am finally free from what for 10 years made me miserable and that is just amazing. You are what you eat - so true! 

Thank you Sam, I will always be grateful for all the help you have (and continue to) given me. "


Marta - London

"As a man moving into middle age, earlier this year I found increasingly that a high pressure life with competing demands of work and family was starting to take its toll. I noticed telltale signs of fatigue and stress that were impacting on my physical and emotional wellbeing. Despite exercising regularly, my weight had reached 100KG, I seemed to catch every bug and I struggled to sleep or concentrate.


Sam offered me a consultation. Our first meeting was very relaxed, informal and surprisingly interesting. We walked though key stages and events of my life and chatted about my everyday, my routines, likes and dislikes. Sam was great, her approach was friendly, clear, professional and insightful.


By the end of our first meeting Sam had made some observations and gave me some initial recommendations pending a review of her notes, a few simple tests and our next consultation. Her initial recommendations were very clear, simple and easy to carry out. I started to see the results within days, my sleep improved and the fog I’d felt for some time started to lift, it was amazing!


We met again a few weeks later and Sam walked me through her carefully prepared and detailed plan to improve my health and wellbeing. I was hugely impressed and actually excited to receive the next installment of her advice and recommendations. There was a course of supplements, some nutritional tweaks and clear guidance on my frequently erratic eating patterns. It was not difficult to maintain the new status quo for the prescribed four weeks.


When we met again I really did feel like a new man, happier, healthier and 2KG lighter. The puffiness that I’d become used to had drained away to reveal muscle tone, my complexion and eyes were bright, and my memory and mind felt sharper. But best of all, I had been sleeping consistently for weeks. I really didn’t think I could feel any better.


Sam knew better and talked me through the next stage of the process, a 28-day detox. This involved what sounded like an almost impossible retreat into fruit, pulses and vegetables. On the black list were alcohol, wheat, meat, dairy, sugar and all processed foods. I was amazed to find that it wasn’t that hard to stick to and even more amazed to find the extraordinary and wonderful flavors that had been hidden in the most basic foods. Salad leaves that burst into a symphony of bitter sweetness and normal everyday fruits that were so tasty they made your head fizz. It was an epiphany!


After what seemed like a very short 28-days I was 94KG zinging and bouncing with a totally natural energy that came from within. This was life changing, many of the new ways had stuck and a lot of the old bad habits had just fallen away naturally and painlessly. I was in an absolutely and completely different place from the gray fug of two months earlier.


I now have much more balanced lifestyle with a diet that suits me, it includes wine and other favorites but in moderation. I am now living a happier healthier and more productive life based on a few simple foundations that Sam pointed me towards and I am so grateful – thank you Sam!"

Sam Glover - London

"What a wonderful idea of an urban day retreat in London.
I received the itinerary and immediately felt excited and relaxed at the thought of taking time out of a normally crazy life to de-compress.
Even though it's only one day it's so well thought through that you honestly come away more mindful, rested and fully of positivity.
Sam is a perfect host and so perfectly skilled (excellent yoga teacher and incredibly knowledgable nutritionist) She welcomes you into her wonderful home with warmth and a gorgeous smell of scented candles which is immediately relaxing.
I had a rather stressful journey due to crazy London traffic but that all vanished the moment I walked in with
Lemongrass teA and homemade energy balls on arrival while Sam discussed the day.
Shortly afterwards we were taken to a beautiful yoga studio at the bottom of the garden where we had a brilliant yoga session followed by guided meditation.
By this point I was so relaxed I just wanted to move in!
We then went back into the house and under SAMs guidance all chipped in to help prepare the most nutritious and tasty lunch.
It was a great bonding moment all helping with lunch and learning how to cook healthy and nutritious food and then all sitting down together to eat and talk.
A fantastic discussion about nutrition followed in which we could ask specific questions about ourselves which Sam answered so thoughtfully and with great care. As the three people who attended where all working mothers the talk centred around the effects of stress on the body and ways to counteract these effects through nutrition.
The final part of the day was more lemon grass and ginger tea and some home made cakes.
What a day.
I can't recommend it more highly and I hope you feel as relaxed, calm and stretched as I now do.
As Sam is a trained nutritionist there is the opportunity to arrange a one on one consultation with her on another day. I did this and feel that I have someone who is looking after me and guiding me through the process of becoming a stronger,

healthier and happier person."

 Deborah Blenkinsop – London

"We work with Sam regularly to provide engaging, informative and fun nutrition workshops with our corporate clients. We find her professional, experienced and knowledgeable in the field of nutrition and she is a fantastic naturopath to work with.  We would wholeheartedly recommend her and her services to anyone."

 Kelly Skipper – Glow, London

"After year's of feeling fatigued and listless, Sam made it really easy to break bad habits and form good ones. Within weeks I felt like a different person - energised and balanced - and Sam's pragmatic advice and fact sheets ensure that it's sustainable. I wish I'd done it sooner!"

Sian Love

"We invited Sam in as part of a health and wellbeing week we were running at WorldFirst,and her session was really popular. Sam’s talk was packed full of healthy eating and wellbeing tips,and our employees were able to take away

some practical small changes which will make a big difference.
It was a great opportunity to start the conversation linking diet to
both physical and mental health."

Emma Heath, People Partner at World First Bank

"Sam visited Henry Cavendish school to talk to our younger children about healthy eating habits.  Her assembly was delightful with large cut-out characters from her book: 'Connie Carrot' and 'Sammy Spinach' on display, to help engage the children. Assembly was followed by 'story time' in the classes.  Fitting in perfectly with the term's 'healthy eating' topic, children were encouraged to think about their eating habits and the importance of vegetables. Sam provided our classes with certificates to show their families - and a competition to colour in a paper shopping bag, with children winning reusable shopping bags."

Mrs Raistrick, Head of School / Acting Headteacher, Henry Cavendish Streatham

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