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Investigate your Microbiome

If you get a digestive upset like food poisoning, or gastritis, you may go to your doctor and they ask for a stool sample, this is nearly always a one off sample.

This is tested for the specific infections that your doctor will ask for, it may only be one thing they are looking for like Giardia or H.Pylori.
Even if your stools are not normal and you know they are not becuase you have had digestive issues for a while, that test will highly likely come back as 'normal'. This is because like most 'modern' medicine is not holistic, it won't look at the whole picture. Even the infection they are specifically looking for may come back negetive but actually still be present. This is down to the fact that it is a one day test only and the quality of the test may not be the best.

I am speaking from experience and it's why I have researched and studied the area of gut health in so much depth and have

encouraged many of my Nutrition clients to investigate their Microbiome because diet plays such a huge

role in the health of the gut and the microbiome plays arguably one of these most important roles in human

health. It simply affects every aspect of what it is to be human, which is ironic because only 1% of the DNA

we carry is human the other 99% is microbial. If you don't have optimum health in the gut,

every single part of the body will suffer including brain function and mental health.

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