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Working with people as their Nutritional Therapist, observing their dietary habits and lifestyle has given me years of understanding how lifestyle choices affects health and what to do about it. Whilst we all have our own personal biochemistry and DNA, there are certain nutritional and lifestyle changes that can be done by everyone no matter what their background. I am designing this guide to be easy to follow and accessible to anyone who has made the decision to clean up their diet and create better health. Unlike normal recipe books, I have created sections of recipes that are similar with variation on ingredients to create variety with ease and to make changing

dietary habits easier, and NOT expensive.
This is not in anyway a 'FAD' diet, this is the
 truth about
how to eat to attain better health, it encompasses vegan and

vegetarian eating, but also how to eat animal products in a

healthier and more ethical way by reducing meat and using

only high quality. It does not count calories or deprive you

of treats. It gives you the tools to improve your diet and see how 

it makes you feel, if it makes you feel good then the 

choice to change is easy.


This nutrition guide makes it easier to remove certain foods

that can cause sensitivities and digestive upset but endeavours

to be as close to as nature intended our food to be unlike

many of the ‘Free From’ foods and complicated recipes.

It can support your journey whether approaching it by yourself
or with a Nutritional Therapist.
It is a practical way of getting things started and keeping

it going. Over time, your commitment to the process of finding out what is best for you, what makes your body tick, through trial, errorand success, you can become your own Nutritional Therapist.

No matter what manufacturers, big agriculture, big pharma or any of the corporates want you to believe and this includes a lot of the medical professions, diet does affect your health, it does cause diabetes, it does cause poor joint health, poor mental health, heart disease, organ damage, fatigue,

immune dysfunction and so much more. What has been normalised in the Western Diet, the 'normal' every day foods and drinks can be and probably is detrimental to your health, causing issues that you don't even realise.

But diet can also be one of the most supportive things for your health and mental wellbeing, getting it right for you is what is important. Once you do start eating a diet that supports your health the change is profound - even if you don't think you are suffering symptoms, making changes to your dietary lifestyle will show you what your diet has been doing to you.

My guide will help you to make the change - it is more than a recipe book, it is Nutritional Therapy.

AVAILABLE Later in year or Early 2020 - limited availability for first print run.

For Enquiries and to pre-order click Here


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