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Nutritional Therapy is LifeStyle Medicine

Changing your dietary habits requires a lifestyle change and commitment to yourself and better health.
Nutritional Therapy is an assessment of your nutritional status and diet and a long term
nutrition and lifestyle plan that enables better health.

Nutrient deficiencies occur even in a diet where abundant food is available.
The nutritional content of processed foods and over farmed foods is questionable and it is not always easy to know which foods are
the most toxic and which foods are the most health promoting.
The foods that we eat are the body’s raw materials to
use for building, repair,protection, energy and growth. The body needs Vitamins and minerals every day. There are thousands and
thousands of chemical reactions in the body that need co-factors at all times. These include B Vitamins, Minerals, Vitamin C, Vitamin A,
Vitamin D, essential fatty acids and many many more. The metabolic process depletes all these nutrients, as does stress,
hormones, alcohol, smoking, pollution, damaged fats, medications and processed foods.


A therapist will also asses your digestion and gut microbiome, through detailed questioning and if necessary laboratory tests will be advised.

If you can't digest foods properly, even healthy foods this can lead to inflammation, nutrient deficiencies like iron, magnesium and B
Vitamins and in turn lead to many health conditions.
An imbalance in the gut microflora (microbiome) can cause toxicity and eventually health issues.

Nutritional Therapy is a personal guide for you to learn about your own nutritional needs and
to use food as a tool to gain optimal health and to protect the future of your health.


The food we eat for breakfast dictates our energy for most of the day.

The foods we snack on decide whether we feel tired or alert by the afternoon.

The amount of fresh fruit and vegetables we eat may affect our immunity.

The type of fats and proteins that we eat can encourage disease later in life.

Nutritional Knowledge gives you the tools you need to understand your own needs and
guide you through the enormous amount of information available, including the sometimes
misleading “Clean Eating” trend.

Nutritional Therapy Includes:

  • One to one personal investigation into your case history

  • Nutritional plan

  • Targeted Supplements if required

  • Advice on Vegetarianism or Vegan diets

  • Digestive health including microbiome 

  • Detoxification

  • General education on healthier choices

Nutrient requirements change constantly, for example if you are tired from lack of sleep, have consumed too many stimulants
(such as: alcohol and coffee) or are sick, taking medications, pregnant or exercising heavily.

Understanding your body’s nutritional needs will enable you to protect your health now and in the future. If you have a family
history of any kind of degenerative condition like arthritis, cardiovascular disease or cancer – now is the time to use
nutrition as a preventative measure.

For more information or to book your personal Nutritional Therapy Consultation 
by contacting or call 07780 600 966

Nutritional Therapy is an assessment of your

Nutritional Status

and how your diet could be affecting your health now and in the future

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