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Apples - could they really they keep the doctor away?

Apples are well established as one of the best fruits for supporting overall health. They are depicted as a divine food and the source of immortality in Norse Mythology.

Although apples may not be a source of immortality, there are important nutrients in apples that can support the immune system and keep your microbiome healthy. Apples can help lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and stabilise blood sugar.

Apples are a great source of Vitamin C, an essential vitamin for many more uses in the body than people realise, including supporting the immune system to fight infections,

anti-inflammatory,keeping all tissues and cells healthy, regulating hormones, vital for iron absorption protection from the effects of stress, aging and much more. Apples are high in polyphenols, which work with the antioxidant process fighting oxidation and metabolic by-products that are produced every second and are so damaging to our health.

Apples are designed by nature to be consumed as a whole food, apple juice does not convey the health benefits of an apple.

Apples also contain important minerals and are particularly high in potassium. Apples are like taking a multi-mineral - they contain all the vital minerals that our body needs. Minerals maintain normal cell function and keep all tissues healthy.

Apples are an excellent source of pectin, a dietary fibre that helps to prevent dietary diseases, encourage healthy bowel movement and feeds the microbiota (gut flora). The fibre in apples helps control cholesterol levels, so can protect the future cardiovascular health. This fibre is deeply cleansing to the digestive system, and can also help settle digestive upsets!

Average fibre intake for children and adults in the West are less than half of the recommended levels. In fact, studies show that we eat only 10% of what we used to eat as hunter-gatherers, eating apples can help increase your family's fibre intake.

Good for the brain! Studies show that apples contain over 4000 different flavonoids, which can improve cognitive function and prevent diseases in the long run.

The easiest way to enjoy apples is to eat the fruit whole. Choosing organic means you can avoid removing the skin as this contains a significant amount of the healthy fibre and minerals. If the apple is not organic, be sure to wash it thoroughly with a detergent specially formulated for washing fruits and vegetables (or I sometimes use environmentally friendly washing up liquids)

The sharper tasting varieties of apples are often more healthy as they contain higher levels of pectin fibre and polyphenols and lower levels of sugar. It is good to buy the variety that is local and in season as this supports local trade and the environment.

An apple fast can support a healthy liver detox. I have devised a 3 day program that can help flush out mineral sludge and toxic build up in the liver and bowel. Please contact me if you'd like to know more as it's important to do a fast like this safely.


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