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Inflammation is the route of nearly all health issues – so why does it happen?

Antibody-Antigen Complexes

Antibody-antigen complexes are cleared by a normal immune system, if however immunity is compromised, then macrophage cannot clear the build up of antigen complexes. These accumulate in the tissue causing inflammation in the tissues of organs, skin and joints. They can also accumulate in the nervous tissues. (As explained by Dr Reeve of Cambridge Nutritionals who developed the FoodPrint IgG food intolerance test)

If offending foods are removed from diet and immune function is supported over a period of time, the antigen complexes are then removed from tissues via the immune system’s macrophage cells thereby reducing the symptoms of the food intolerances. If the immune system is supported continually then the patient can re introduce that substance, however if immune function is impaired the inflammatory response will reappear and all the previous symptoms will return.

Busy stressed people are advised to not reintroduce the foods they have eliminated until a complete lifestyle change – even then – if immune function has not recovered and is still impaired then food intolerances will not cease.

The symptoms range from anxiety and fatigue to inflammatory bowel disease. Unfortunately, many people are given pharmaceutical drugs to suppress these, which actually harms the immune system even further. The medical profession needs more understanding and acceptance of the consequences of prescribing to suppress, so that these vicious circles can be avoided.

Paying special attention to health of your digestive system, the gut in particular (small intestines and colon) and to the microbiota (bacteria and microbes) that inhabit the gut is one of the most helpful things you can do to support immune function so reducing inflammation and increasing good health.

The biggest promotor of inflammation is your diet and lifestyle. It doesn’t just happen.


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