Is your coffee habit affecting you more than you realise?

Even one cup a day can affect you in a way that you don't realise.

Let’s talk Coffee

Back when the coffee bean was first discovered, it was used to stimulate alertness and wakefulness. Monks used it so they could stay awake all night praying.

Coffee (caffeine) binds to the Adenosine receptors to block sleep chemicals, which stops the sleepiness at night and probably affects many people’s sleeping patterns unwittingly, as it could be that morning coffee that is keeping them at night! It also stimulates the nervous system and the stress response. It increases adrenalin and cortisol which can make you anxious, even shaky with palpitations, making you feel like your heart is beating fast and loudly when lying in bed at night. By increasing the stress hormones, it can cause imbalance throughout the whole of the endocrine (hormonal glands) system. The more you drink, the longer you have been consuming coffee the more unconscious you are of the effects.