Listen to your body, it’s smarter than you.

When it comes to healing - nothing is as powerful as the innate immune, repair and healing system within us. This system needs the best support you can give it. Poor diet, lack of exercise, stress, lifestyle choices and the toxins that we consume, breathe in or absorb puts huge strain on the body’s ability to heal and manage our health. Optimum nutrition and the physical form of Yoga has been proven, over thousands of years of observation, to create and restore good health.

I have been fascinated by what’s in food that can harm or heal us since I experienced digestive health issues in my 20s. I have observed in the 11 years that of practicing Nutritional Therapy that it is in our early to mid-twenties when the first tell-tell signs of a potential health issues usually manifest. This could be in the form of digestive discomfort, re-occurring minor or major infections, fatigue, skin issues; all things that we may see a GP for and get a ‘Sticky plaster’ treatment. By the time you get to mid 30s onwards those early signs generally have gotten worse, but many people just live with it as they accept that it’s just part of them. It doesn’t have to be. Optimum nutrition and Yoga can have a profound effect on physical and mental health.

Listening to your body can be difficult at first as you may be unaware of what to listen or look out for. What foods to add or cut out, what diets to follow can all get very confusing with the inordinate amount of good and bad information on social media and internet. Yoga can help as it helps you to take your mind and breath to different areas of the body, as you do this you can take note of how that muscle, organ or joint feels. Stiffness in joints not only can indicate that you need more regular stretching to keep it healthy, but there may be inflammation in the joint accumulating from toxins, food sensitivities, repetitive strain injury and general metabolism. Your abdomen may feel bloated, unsettled or generally sluggish, your muscles may feel tired, your breath may feel shallow and even wheezy, your nasal passages and sinuses may not be as clear as they should be. Making a note of it during a class means you can address it, whether through dietary changes and nutritional support or getting it checked properly.