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Recipe for cardiovascualar health: Red raw cardio-boost salad - show your heart some LOVE

Ingredients - will last 1 week+ if you keep in the fridge and use just enough at a time.

1 red cabbage - small amount chopped finely

1 radicchio - a few leaves chopped finely

2 x Purple carrots - a couple of inches finely sliced with a mandolin or sharp knife

2 x small red onions - quarter finely sliced

2 x medium beetroots - a couple of inches finely sliced with a mandoline or sharp knife

Mandolines are a great way of creating a light and crispy salad. Nutrients are released much more easily so no need to heat the veg when they are so finely sliced.


Avocado oil (or Olive oil)

Apple cider Vinegar

Pomegranate Molasses (Health food shops, order online) Lasts for a long time and is delicious

No Salt needed


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