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Avocado and potato 'gut healthy' soup

Specially created with gut health in mind, it also supports cardiovascular and brain health.

But even more importantly this soup is delicious!

To me it is the better way to use avocado in foods, rather than inventing deserts with avocado.

I have been making this soup in it's various forms for 20 years. The ingredients are simple, the method is simple, it keeps well in the fridge and travels well for a working lunch, especially now there are so many great soup flasks.

Ingredients for 2- 3 servings depending on portion size

600ml Filtered water

2 x Large red or white onions - very finely sliced or diced depending on how you like onion texture

1 Large soft avocado (or two small ones)

2-3 x Small red skinned potatoes (any will do though)

Seasoning options:

Pink salt, sea salt, nutritional yeast

Black pepper or ground white pepper


Steam the potatoes first and leave to cool - then dice them.

Slice or dice the onions finely (can use a mandolin) and place into the water bringing to boil them to simmer for 20 minutes or until onions are soft. You can add seasoning here. In the meantime mash the avocado and set aside.

Remove the pan from heat and then stir in the avocado. You can keep like this with all the lovely texture or part blend or fully blend.

Add the diced potatoes and these will warm up in the soup.

If reheating soup don't boil, allow to simmer.

Add a touch of black pepper and seasoning.

Health benefits

Onions contain high amounts of inulin which feeds beneficial and health promoting bacteria in the gut. They also contain the flavonoid quercetin which helps reduce inflammation and protect against tissue damage in the body. Cooked cooled potatoes contain 'resistant starch' which means we cannot digest it ourselves but our beneficial microbes can. It helps them produce vital chemicals like butyrate, which is the main fuel for repair and growth in the tissues of our digestive tract. The starch when first cooked is not so healthy - which is why fast cooked chips can cause blood sugar spikes, where as allowing the cooked starch to cool it become a healthy starch - cooked cooled potato snacks are good for you!

Avocado - well everyone knows that these amazing fruits contain many health promoting nutrients. they help lower cholesterol, inflammation and support oxygenation of the brain. The fibre in avocados is considered a 'prebiotic' fibre. Added to this soup it is made easier to digest and absorbed and the warmth helps release the carotenes and Vitamin A.

Note: this soup can also be deeply cleansing of the gut and can be used during a period of doing a 'detox' diet.

So simple, so delicious and so healthy!



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