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End of Winter Earthy Salad with Red Mayo

This is not necessarily named for its seasonal contents, more for the ‘Earthy’ flavours and warming properties. I’ve chosen quite bitter foods that are full of antioxidants and phytonutrients that support liver health. The bitter flavour helps to stimulate better digestion by increasing bile and digestive enzymes production in your liver. These bitter flavours are balanced by the sweetness of the beetroot, orange zest, raisons and sweet red peppers along with the creamy tangy flavours of the beetroot and avocado mayonnaise (made without eggs)


Beetroot stimulates the heart Chakra and was said to be sacred to Aphrodite the goddess of love. Artichoke and the bitter leaves stimulate healthy liver activity and are said to reduce negative energy, which makes sense as your emotions are believed to be stored in the liver. Thyme and orange zest protect immunity in the gut. All these rich nourishing earthy foods are the perfect way to stimulate new energy for the awakening of Spring.

Serves 2 as a side salad or 1 as a hearty lunch.

This salad travels well in a sealed container.


Earthy salad ingredients:

Pickled or cooked beetroot – cubed

Radicchio leaves


Sweet red baby pepper

Zest and juice of a tangerine peeled and finely chopped(keep the juice for mayo)

Artichoke – from chilled ready prepared, avoid oil soaked one if possible.


Fresh or dried Thyme

Beetroot and avocado Red Mayo

Beetroot juice (carton )

Juice from the orange


Olive oil

Half a small Avocado

Splash of Tamari (or pinch of salt)



Using a small blender add quarter a cup of beetroot juice, large splash of olive oil, dessert spoon of balsamic vinegar, the tangerine juice, splash of tamari and the avocado (you can add pepper) Blend into a rich and creamy mayonnaise.




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