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Carrots are not just for eyes!

Carrots are amazing! They are packed full of Beta-Carotene that converts to Vitamin A which is vital for your eyes, but also for your skin and your immune system. They contain antioxidants that are hugely protective of your heart and blood vessels - studies have shown that eating cooked carrots or a raw carrot once a day can reduce your risks of heart attacks when you are older by 60%! Other foods containing carotenes have a similar effect. Carrots protect your lungs, bladder, and your digestive tract and provide fibre to keep your friendly bacteria in the gut happy. Carrots are so versitile, they come in different colours and can be fun and easy to prepare. They really are a special food.

Bright Carrot Rice

Finely dice carrots and lightly cook in a pan with some olive oil, spring onions and ground cumin. Add cooked brown basmati rice and a pinch of turmeric to give a rich colour. Serve with chicken, fish or even sausages. For vegetarian add garlic-sautéed chickpeas and raw pumpkin seeds.

Carrot and Potato Mash

Chop carrots and potatoes and steam until soft, mash with a  little goat’s butter or olive oil. To make smoother, milk or water.  Add cooked peas to make tasty, colourful mash.


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