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Asparagus & Carrot Medley

A great accompaniment to any dish in summer or winter. Although asparagus is best

when in season, it is available all year round, as are carrots.


Large carrots sliced longways

Asparagus sliced longways

Olive oil or Goat’s butter

To keep healthy, saute in shallow boiling water for a few minutes, lower the heat and add olive oil or butter and lightly cook for 2-3 minutes,

but don’t brown. Season with black pepper and pink salt, but if using salted butter avoid adding more salt.

Optional: add chopped parsely if serving with fish, ground rosemary if serving with lamb, and sage if serving with chicken, basil if serving vegitarian.

Health benefits: Healthy skin, shiny hair, strong nails, sun protection, Fibre supports digestive health, beta-carotene converts to Vitamin A and protects again disease and supports eye health,

high in potassium which supports cardivascualr health.

Added benefit: Low in calories but high in fibre to make you feel full, cooked like this retains enzymes which helps digest and absorb the nutrients from the food. Quick and easy to make.

Upgrade to light meal: Try adding goat’s or ewe’s feta cheese and pumpkin seeds.


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