Avocado and Butter Bean Humus from "Ava Avocado"

Support your child's brain function with this delicious recipe from my healthy eating book 'Ava Avocado'

Try this deliciously different and healthy humus that’s full of good fats, Vitamins, minerals, fibre and plant protein.

1 soft avocado, 75g butter beans (lima)

2 dessert spoons of tahini

A little olive oil, 1 peeled garlic clove, The juice of half a lemon

Pink salt to season.

Place all ingredients in a blender until smooth, add a little water if too thick.

Serve with wholegrain organic pitta bread, or chopped

carrots and celery into sticks and have fun dipping and crunching.

NOTE Buy avocados from responsibly sourced areas. Organic avocados from Spain are the most responsibly sourced and have to be guided by EU laws.

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