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Butternut & Ginger Aromatic Bisque

Boost circulation, warming, cardiovascular protection, immune boost. Great for skin health.

Ingredients (3-4 servings)

1 whole butternut squash, peeled and diced

3 crushed or chopped cloves garlic

1.5 pints filtered water

The white part of a large leak or 1 large white onion finely sliced

(keeps it a beautiful bright colour)

2-3 inches of fresh ginger

1 level tablespoon of olive oil or avocado oil, or coconut oil

Pink salt or sea salt

Options for added protein and fibre:

3 slices of tempeh (approx.1 cup)

Handful of fresh chopped coriander

Splash of Tamari when serving (avoid using the salt above if using this)

Place a little light olive oil in a large pan on medium heat, soften (not brown) the onions/leeks and garlic and ginger. Add the diced squash and stir for a couple of minutes. Cover with the filtered water keep some water back if all ingredients are all covered. You can add more later if you need to. Once the squash is soft, use a hand blender to blend half the soup or remove half for blending and add back to the pan. Serves with a drizzle of oil.

Or for the added protein version:

Add the tempeh at the same time as the squash along with half the chopped coriander.

Blend in the same way, serve with coriander and a splash of Tamari.

Ginger: this is a very dynamic herb and can make your fingers and toes warm, it’s that good at boosting circulation. It also helps reduce inflammation so supports immune function. It is antibacterial and viral too. It helps to dilate small blood vessels enabling more nutrients to delicate tissues and this action helps remove toxins. Use less (1 or 2 inches) for a more subtle flavour. Aids digestion – it’s a great all-round help and can improve joint pain.

Butternut squash: Packed full of Beta-carotene a potent antioxidant, and this converts to Vitamin A which is vital for immune function. Eaten regularly this is a fantastic support for skin health

Tempeh: Probably the best form of plant protein and is far superior to tofu and other unfermented soy products. It is easy to digest and contains fibre. It was studied at Loughborough University as a brain food as it has been found to improve cognitive dysfunction is older people, where-as unfermented Soy products causes aging to the brain.



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