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Courgetti Spaghetti with button mushrooms, broad beans, cherry tomatoes & options

Wonderful twist on a spaghetti, making a light and nutrient packed dish with and unusual mix of flavour and texture. Add garlicky chicken, Goat's Feta or chickpeas for a protein boost.

Ingredients serves two people.

1 extra large courgette (for longer spaghetti)

2 handfuls of cherry tomatoes

2 x crushed garlic cloves

2 handfuls of small button mushrooms

2 x shallots

Large handful of broad beans – lightly cooked in water for a few minutes to make skin easy to take off. These add some very light carbohydrates and fibre

Light Olive oil – if cooking on higher heat.

Extra virgin olive oil – keep on low heat.

Oregano herb seasoning: blend 3 parts dried oregano with 1 part sea salt in a blender and a few black pepper corns (or pinch of pink salt)

Option 1: Garlic sautéed Chicken with pinch of herb salt

Option 2: Garlic sautéed Chickpeas with chili flakes and herb salt


Use a julienne peeler to create the courgetti enough for two people. Set aside.

If adding chicken or chickpeas - place a small amount of light olive oil in a separate pan with crushed garlic and seasoning add sliced chicken or chickpeas and cook thoroughly and put aside to add to the courgetti prior to serving.

Sauté the shallots, button mushrooms, with the garlic and olive oil on a medium heat, thoroughly cook then add a little water (1-2 desert spoons) along with all the courgetti and cherry tomato halves. Cook for 2-4 minutes and season. Add the the skinless braodbeans right at the end as these can be quite delicate without their skins on. Serve and drizzle with fresh olive oil.

Can also serve with crumbled goat's feta to add protein.

Serve with crispy garlic & basil flat bread

Directions: Use a flour or gluten free tortilla wrap place in oven on low heat to crisp, then drizzle with olive oil, herbs and fresh garlic. Place in oven on 160 degrees for 10 mins or until crispy.

Health benefits of Courgettes:

Protects against cancer - eaten regular they can prevent cell mutations.

Protects against sun damage due to beta-carotene content

Supports hydration due to water content.

Courgettes are versatile and inexpensive, they are also super easy to grow during the summer months. I picked this one just two days ago from my garden.


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