Elderberry Health Elixir – super-powered antioxidant

These tiny berries pack a punch when it comes to health, and this is the best way to get them into your everyday life.

Elderberries contain such a wealth of health promoting properties and as we go into the winter months it’s time to shore up your immune system and overall health.

They contain unique bioactive polyphenols. These are super-powerful antioxidants that support immune function and cardiovascular health and they protect from tissue damage. There are also studies that show elderberries can protect against nervous tissue damage and Parkinson Disease as well as support brain and memory function.

You can purchase elder syrups and supplements, but there nothing like making it yourself.

If you or someone you know has an elder tree in your garden, then it’s time to harvest the berries. You can also buy dried berries in bulk, soak them overnight and then use the following recipe to make an extraordinary cordial (or as I like to think of it a magic potion for health)