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Gut Healthy Wild Rice and Kimchi with Puy Lentils - delicious gut medicine

This is great on its own or as a side dish to other Vegetable dishes, Fish or Chicken. As a vegan dish this offers a good protein content or you can increase protein by adding quinoa.

The amount of each food I've used is for one person as a whole meal. To keep it easy just use what you think is appropriate for the amount of people or whether it is a side or main dish. Kimchi is an Asian fermented vegetable preserve and is widely available now, you can find in most supermarkets and there are some really great ones in healthstores. It can be very spicy which is why it makes such a great flavouring. It is also quite salty so you don't need to add any extra to this dish. Kimchi is packed with nutrients and probiotics which means it supports gut health and digestion as well as delivering extra nutrients. It is a perfect blend with rice and lentils.


Wild rice cooked in plenty of filtered water and rinced thoroughly and cooled.

Ready cooked Puy lentils A few spoonfuls of ready made Kimchi Pumpkin seeds Olive oil or sesame oil

Splash of Tamari


Options: Fresh coriander, chopped spinach, chopped water cress or other green leaves Rice option: Organic short grain or black or red rice are good alternatives Directions:

Cook the rice and rince and drain - set aside

Warm a pan with a little olive oil add the lentils and Tamari sauce, add the cooled rice, a few spoonfuls of Kimchi and stir over a medium heat, add pumpkin seeds towards the end. You can play around with the amounts of kimch depending on the depth of flavour and spiciness required.

Options: Add shrimp, chicken, tempeh or tofu. You can also add shredded cabbage or other greens and add to increase nutrients.

These are some products that are handy to keep in your cupboard.


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