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Healthy breakfast recipes - Slow fried egg, with mushrooms and butterbeans, boosted with microgreens

This is so easy to make.

Ingredients for one serving:

3-4 medium mushrooms sliced whichever way you like

2 spoons of drained butter beans

1or 2 organic eggs

A handful of sprouted seeds - I've used purple raddish sprouts, they are beautifully peppery and packed with vitamin C, a good source of folate, B6, B3 and manganese. You can buy already grown or grow your own.

Olive oil or avocado oil

Cook the muchrooms with some healthy seasoning on a low heat along with butterbeans. Remove them from the pan onto a warmed plate.

Place a small pan on low heat with oil and crack the egg(s) straight into it. This way of cooking takes a bit of patience it reduces the carcinogenic (cancer causing) effect of damaged fats from over heating and browned protein. Alternatively you can poach the egg. When cooked place with the beans and mushrooms and sprinkle with the microgreens (or purples!)

How to grow the microgreens

you can grow these little perfect shoots in anything as long as you have the right soil/base - this you can purchse where you buy the seeds. There are so many different suppliers now so have a look online. Here are some:

I think these microgreens make any dish look and taste better, and supply more nutrients to an already healthy dish.


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