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Negroni Vibe Mocktail

This is amazing, has the hint of negroni flavours with refreshing aftertaste, high in minerals and bioflavonoids. What’s best is you can make this yourself !

I like it on the rocks, but you can add to tonic water or sparkling water, it’s truly a satisfying summer mocktail that gives you a boost without the headache or the ageing skin!


2 x Large organic oranges

10 x star anise (can buy from any supermarket or health store)

1 litre of filtered water

2 heaped dessert spoons of Rapa Dura sugar (can buy or order from health stores)

3 caps of apple cider vinegar

Option: Splash of angostura bitters

Garnish: Dried orange slices or can use fresh

You will need: large saucepan, fine sieve or muslin cloth, bottle to store the golden liquid


Pour 1 litre of filtered water into the pan, slice all the oranges keeping the peel on and place in the pan, drop the 10 Star anise in and the Rapa dura sugar. Bring to the boil for a minute then reduce to low heat to slowly simmer. Leave for 25 mins checking and stirring every now and then. The liquid will reduce, but don’t let it reduce too much. It should go from 1 litre to around 800ml. Taste at this point, it should be lovely and sweet and fragrant, but may need a little more simmering.

Remove from the heat allow to cool – add to the sieve or muslin and squash or squeeze as much of the liquid out as possible. Strain through the cleaned sieve or clean piece muslin once again. This action allows more the bioflavonoids from the peel to be squeezed into the delicious liquid.

At this point you can add the apple cider vinegar. Taste it, if you feel it needs a little more punch add another capful or two.


I like to add a few splashes of angostura bitters to infuse it with a warm spice flavour, this is a tincture and does contain some alcohol, in very small amounts.

Idea: Make this in bulk for an alcohol free party punch!


You can reduce the sweetness and calories by leaving out the Rapa Dura sugar – this will create a more bitter taste.

Allow the liquid to cool, try some over ice. Store in your fridge. It will keep for 5-6 days.

Nutritional Highlights: High in iron (especially from Rapa Dura) and other trace minerals, orange peel is high in bioflavonoids, Vitamin C and orange oil is mood enhancing.

Star anise is antimicrobial, high in iron and good sources of copper, manganese, zinc and calcium. It is a good source of B6.

Apple cider vinegar supports digestion and is anti-inflammatory.

Supports: Immune function, energy, mood, skin and ageing

Protect your teeth: As this drink contains sugar and apple cider vinegar – it is advised that you drink or rinse your teeth with water post consumption as you should with any sweet drink, juice or fruit.


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