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Nutritiously Warming Chunky Vegetable Soup with Turmeric & Chilli

Nutritiously filling and deeply health supportive - full of fibre, minerals and antioxidants

Ingredients for 2 servings

3 carrots chopped

1 medium red onion sliced

1 cup of cubed swede

1 stick of celery

1 cup chickpeas

1 cup of broccoli

Optional: small handful of parsley leaves

Directions: Place water in a medium pan, add the carrots, swede, onions, potatoes and stock cube and bring to boil for a few minutes, reduce to simmer for 15 and add the broccoli, chickpeas, turmeric, chili and salt. Simmer for further 10 more minutes. Add the spinach leaves at the end of cooking to wilt rather than cook them. To make partly smooth and to give a creamier texture, use a hand blender to part blend the soup.

You can replace some on the vegetables in the ingredient list with other veg you

have available in your fridge - like cabbage, cauliflower, sweet

potato, peas, courgette.

  • Filling

  • Supports digestive health

  • Anti-inflammatory

  • Good for heart

To increase protein add half a cup of quinoa after the

first 15 minutes of cooking and simmer for a further 10.

Good for your microbiome

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