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Post Yoga Breakfast GF Pittas - joint, muscle and immune supportive and delicious!

I have always loved pitta bread, but having been gluten free, I have not eaten them for so long. Recently I have discovered some great gluten free whole ones ("Be Free") and I am thoroughly enjoying experimenting with ways to use and fill them. These breakfast pittas were just what I needed after 75 minutes of dynamic Yoga. Perfect for blood sugar, muscle recovery and joint support as they contain foods that support reduced systemic inflammtion. Just by being gluten free is a great start to reduce inflammation, especially in the joints.

They are so simple and very quick to make

Ingredients for one serving:

1 egg

1 pitta bread

Handful of oyster and shiitake mushrooms (can be any type)

2 cherry or one small tomato

Small teaspoon of turmeric

Olive or avocado oil

Chopped parsley (or Basil, corriander)

Pinch pink salt

Cook the mushrooms and tomatoes in a small pan on a low heat with the oil, add turmeric when half cooked crack the egg and drop into the mixture (may need a little more oil) stir to spread the egg and mix in for a few minutes. Add seasoning and freshly chopped parsley.

Place a pitta into the toaster for 1-2 minutes, remove and slice in two and fill.

Utterly delicious and light breakfast, easy to digest and full of nutrients.

For a vegan version use organic silken Tofu.



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