Salmon and Oyster Mushroom GF Spaghetti - utterly delicious!

If like me, you have starved yourself of pasta for years due to gluten intolerance and the available gluten free pasta being unappetising and gloopy, you'll be pleased to know that now there are some really tasty pastas around that give even fresh wheat pasta a run

for its money!

The types that have brown rice and quinoa cook really well as long as you are careful to not over cook. This particular spaghetti is from Dove's Farm and is made from brown rice. See below for other brands I like.

Although I have used a pile of spaghetti in the picture, it is a lot of starch for the body to process and an energy food, meaning that if you don't burn the carbs they will still get stored as fat. Also brown rice contains arsenic so smaller portions reduce your exposure (see below on tips to reduce arsenic). The small picture shows a healthier portion size.