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Salmon and Oyster Mushroom GF Spaghetti - utterly delicious!

If like me, you have starved yourself of pasta for years due to gluten intolerance and the available gluten free pasta being unappetising and gloopy, you'll be pleased to know that now there are some really tasty pastas around that give even fresh wheat pasta a run

for its money!

The types that have brown rice and quinoa cook really well as long as you are careful to not over cook. This particular spaghetti is from Dove's Farm and is made from brown rice. See below for other brands I like.

Although I have used a pile of spaghetti in the picture, it is a lot of starch for the body to process and an energy food, meaning that if you don't burn the carbs they will still get stored as fat. Also brown rice contains arsenic so smaller portions reduce your exposure (see below on tips to reduce arsenic). The small picture shows a healthier portion size.

I find that I can eat this pasta and not get the

serious discomfort, bloating and pain I would get from wheat pasta, and it's truly wonderful

because I really miss it and brown rice pasta is a great source of the type of fibre that helps modulate the gut microbiome to be healthier.

The salmon I have used is lightly cured, but you can use any kind of salmon

The following makes two good size portions or 3 smaller portions.


250g (Half pack) of Dove's Farm Gluten Free Brown rice pasta

2 sliced salmon fillets or sliced lightly cured salmon (around 150g)

250g Oyster mushrooms

1 large finely chopped red onion

Extra virgin olive oil - to add post cooking

Light olive oil for cooking (or use avocado oil)

Fresh chopped parsley - lots!



Ground white pepper

Pink salt (if required)

Vegan version: remove the salmon and double the amount

of oyster mushrooms, add garlic to increase flavour.


Cook the pasta as instructed but but remove from heat and drain slightly early (al dente).

Once drained drizzle with some extra virgin olive oil so it doesn't stick together.

Place light olive oil in a medium heat pan with finely chopped onon, sliced oyster mushrooms cook for a few minutes to soften the onions and release flavour of mushrooms, add the salmon and stir gently for a few minutes. Remove from heat and add the parsley keeping some back for garnishing. Add the spaghetti and more olive or avocado oil to the the pasta, season and serve. Garnish with some chopped parsley.

I promise you - if you have missed pasta, you'll love this!

Gluten Free Pasta Brands I like and work well:

Rizopia - Organic brown rice spaghetti and other pasta types from Canada - egg free

Doves farm - Organic italian made brown rice spaghetti and other pasta types - egg free

BioFair Rice Quinoa Organic Spaghetti and other pasta types sourced from FAIRTRADE sources around the world - egg free

Sainsburys Brown rice Fusilli from italty - egg free

Organically grown brown rice may contain as much arsenic as non-organically grown brown rice, however where it is grown can make a difference. It is sometimes hard to trace where it is grown though. Organically grown is still better. Other grains can contain a similar amount of arsenic. The key is to use plenty of filtered water to cook the pasta and don't allow the water to evapourate - the more water you throw away the better. You can also rinse the pasta (or rice) in hot water before serving. Ultimately the other healthy foods that you are eating that will balance out the any toxins, including many greens and high fibre in your diet will help bind the toxins and take them out of your body. Brown rice products that are ready made might contain more arsenic than what you cook at home. Quinoa does not contain arsenic so brown rice and quinoa products may be more desirable, however they are more expensive. Quinoa does have a good source of complete protein so you could keep the pasta more green plant based and not worry about adding other protein.


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