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Spicy Crunchy Salad - Microbiome supportive and unusually delicious

I should really call this my 'LockDown' salad as my fridge had become quite empty save for half a cauliflower, a red cabbage (I always have one of those) some pumpkin seeds and some leftover

kefir. I have also been growing some microgreens from some seeds I had bought a year ago. It's really quite amazing what you can come up with when you have to be creative. Here's what I did:


Finely shredded red cabbage.

Chopped up cauliflower florets and the inner cauliflower green leaves.

Pumpkin seeds - lots of them.

Garnish: Micro raddish greens for a peppery taste or mustard cress is nice too.




Apple cider vinegar

Olive oil (I also added Flax oil)

Pinch of pink salt

Pinch of cayenne pepper, or chili flakes, or ground back pepper

Optional - splash of tamari sauce

Mix the dressing into a creamy sauce - not too much apple cider vinegar, tossthe the salad with the dressing until everything is completely covered in the dressing - add more seasoning if you feel the need.

Health benefits:

Where do I start? Two lots of hero brassica vegetables - full of Indole 3 carbinoles which are deeply supportive to detoxification and liver health. Helps remove excess hormones including xenoestrogens from plastic. Full of cellulose; the insoluble fibre that feeds the good gut bacteria helping these microbes to produce healthy chemicals to support the gut lining, brain health, and lower inflammation. Creates healthy bound stools that bind together toxins and if you drink plenty of healthy fluids and filtered water these will help eliminate those toxins keeping your toxic load down - this means slower aging, healthier brain and soooo many benefits. Pumpkin seeds are full to the brim with nutrition and fibre and they are easier to digest than nuts and other seeds, they are crammed with minerals especially zinc and healthy fats. Not to mention they add a delicious crunchiness to any meals.

This salad needs lots of chewing to help release the nutrients.

It goes well with:

Chicken, tempeh or tofu slices cooked in turmeric, garlic, chili and olive oil.


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