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Tangy shrimp summer rice - with crisp vegetables and herbs

Ingredients - serves 2

4 x large handfuls of short grain brown rice (or other wholegrain rice) cook and set aside

125g of raw or cooked prawns - slice in half

1 medium leek - sliced finely

Quarter of a green cabbage - shredded or cut finely (this will seem like a lot but it will cook down)

2 x cloves of garlic - crushed

1 sweet red pepper - chopped

2 limes - juice and zest

Tamari - 2-3 splashes

Pinch of chili flakes (or fresh chili)

Chopped Coriander and Parsley

Light olive oil for cooking

Sesame oil for flavour


Place some light olive oil in a pan on medium to high heat with garlic and chili flakes. Add the sliced prawns, stir until cooked, lower the heat and add the sliced leeks, peppers and cooked rice with some tamari sauce. Add sesame oil, some of the lime juice and grated zest. Pour a little water in the pan and then add the very finely chopped green cabbage. Stir on higher heat for 2 minutes stir in half the coriander. Serve and sprinkle with lime juice and coriander.

Option: Tahini satay drizzle: 2 x dessert spoons of light tahini, lime juice, sesame oil, pinch of cayenne pepper, splash tamari. You may need to dilute a little with water to help with the drizzle effect.

Packed full of fibre, protein and antioxidants. You can keep in fridge for next day and refresh by adding some more finely shredded raw green cabbage and squeeze of lime juice.


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