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Tempeh with Shiitake Mushrooms, Ginger and Garlic

Ingredients/directions for 1 serving

3 Thick slices of Tempeh (fermented soybean - available in health stores)

5/6 Fresh sliced shiitake mushrooms

2-3 Handfuls of young spinach leaves

1 Clove of finely sliced garlic

Half an inch of chopped fresh ginger

Olive oil

Tamari sauce (available in health stores)

A little water

Optional: Sliced red chilli (if you like it spicy) and/or chopped lemon grass


Add olive oil to a medium heat pan with chopped ginger, garlic and a splash

of Tamari, then add the shiitake mushrooms, cook for a few minutes then add the chunks

of tempeh. Add the chili and/or lemon grass and cook for a few more minutes.

Water down a little Tamari sauce and add to pan with spinach leaves.

Stir for a few minutes adding a little water and serve. This does not need added salt as the Tamari

is season enough. Serve hot, this can be added to brown or wild rice, whole grain rice noodles or eaten as is.

Delicious and quick.

Health Benefits: Tempeh is the only truly healthy way to eat soybean protein as a meat replacement. The soybeans have been fermented and are easier to break down in the digestive process. Tempeh contains high quality protein that is more easily absorbed than other beans. It also contains soy isoflavins (phytoestrogens) that support hormonal health. Studies have shown that

Tempeh can support brain health and is now a recommended food to help prevent Dementia* later in life and helps improve cognition.

*Source: Loughborough Dementia Project, Loughborough University



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