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The Immune Support Shots


Ginger Contains ‘Gingerols’ these influence vasodilation causing blood vessels to expand and allow better circulation which helps, remove toxins and deliver more nutrients to protect cells. These phytonutrients are also antiviral and can help protect against respiratory infections.

Double strength ground Turmeric Contains Anti-oxidant and anti-viral properties, supports immune function and helps lower inflammation.

(Avoid large amounts of turmeric if you are anaemic a small pinch is fine)

Fresh Orange juice in moderate amounts

Contains more Vitamin C and healthy enzymes than mass produced fruit juice.

Cayenne pepper Stimulates mucus membranes to product looser more fluid mucus production which helps to flush out viruses that cause colds and flu and respiratory infections.

To make two quick shots squeeze 2 whole oranges, crush 1 inche of ginger into juice, add 1 teaspoon of turmeric. Allow to 'rest' while the gingerols are released into fluid. Strain, press firmly to get as much potent ginger into the mix. Add a pinch of hot cayenne pepper to add even more immune supporting punch. Keep in fridge, take on an empty stomach unless you have a sensitive digestive tract, then take with food.

You can make a much larger batch buy using a mix of tarte apple juice and or fresh squeezed orange juice, place in blender with 4 inches or more of ginger 4 teaspons of turmeric. Leave in fridge over night, strain the next day and add cayenne pepper. Bottle up.

As with everything - take in moderation.


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