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World Book Day

Back when I was first learning about nutrition and what I could do to help recover from serious digestive issues, there was no internet. There weren't even that many books on diet and health that weren't scientific tomes on human nutrition. I started off with Paul Pitchford's "Healing with Wholefoods" and gradually built up a library of wonderful books on health and nutrition, and stunning recipe books that are not from the mega famous chefs, but from people who have been on their own journey of health discovery and wouldn't dream of eating chips and humus in a gluten filled tortilla wrap as Nigella suggests.

Here are some books that I have found helpful, inspiring, thought provoking or simply great healthy recipe books:

Healing with Whole Foods - Paul Pitchford

Food is Better Medicine than drugs - Patrick Holford

How Not to Die - Michael Greger and Gene Stone

Brain Maker - Dr David Perlmutter

The Oracle Diet - Michael Van Straten

The Nutrient Bible - Henry Osieki

The Body Ecology Diet - Donna Gates

Nutrition, The Good, The Bad and The Politics - Dr Igor Tabrizan

The Nordic Diet - Trina Hahnermann

The Encyclopedia of Healing Foods - Dr Michael Murry and Dr Joesph Pizzorno

The Pharmacy Kitchen - Camilla Fayed

The Beauty Chef - Carla Oates

Frontiers of Health - Dr Christine Page

For my children's healthy eating book collection click here


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