Health Supportive Eating Strategies

Nutritional Therapist

" Uniquely trained to understand
how nutrients and other food
components influence the function
of the body, protect against disease,
restore helath, and determined
people's response to changes in
  the environment.

BANT definition

Hello and welcome to my well-being site. I am a naturopathic nutritional therapist with 13 years of experience.
I work with you to help optimise and improve your wellbeing through better understanding of how your
diet and lifestyle could be affecting your physical and mental health and how to improve your digestion,
support immune function and protect against aging and disease. Resetting your health through dietary interventions could be the best decision you ever make.

Please contact me see how I can help you release your health potential.

Online consultations via Zoom. UK Timeline.



Supporting Nutrition Education for parents and schools with

educational story books and

down-loadable worksheets, that teach children about healthy foods.

Early Years


Optimise your staff's health & wellbeing: use Nutrition Talks and in house / online clinics and workshops / webinars to boost immune resiliense, support mental health, cope better with stress, improve focus and increase energy.


Wellness & Nutrition talks


Working with companies to create healthier meals, nutritional content and health promoting services.

More Vitality & Energy

Healthier Gut Microbiome

Better Digestion

Healthier Skin & Hair

Healthier Blood Sugar

Healthier Heart

Improved Immunity

Healthier Joints & Tissues

Healthier Hormones

Please be aware: The information and advice provided in this website is not a substitute for medical advice. If you are concerned about your health or have any symptoms you should see your GP/healthcare provider.

For more information or to book your personal Nutritional Therapy Consultation by contacting or call 07780 600 966

London, UK


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